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Evo 4G is getting throttled at 30 fps in 2D and 3D modes

Reports from XDA forums and the Android Developer’s Google Group are indicating that the HTC Evo 4G has its frame rate pegged at 30 frames per second in 2d (Canvas) and 3d (openGL) modes. Where you should be noticing this limitation is in any graphically intensive games or possibly while scrolling or swiping.

How does this compare to other HTC devices you ask? Not well is the answer. The HTC Hero clocks in at an average of 54 fps on the same test. You can give this a shot yourself if you like, the app is “fps2d” which you can download using the QR code, and if you do check it out let us know your results in comments.

One Google staffer was quick to point out that this is not a limitation placed on the Evo by Android.

It is certainly not the goal of the Android team to ship devices locked at 30 FPS. Our target was, is and will be 60 FPS.Romain GuyAndroid Framework Engineer at Google

So the fault can be placed squarely at HTC’s feet, but the good news is no one believes this is an issue with the Evo’s hardware which should mean that a firmware update — or our friends over at XDA — should be able to cook up a fix now that the problem has been identified.

So do you Evo owners out there feel like things are stuttering or poking along a little more than you would have expected from your 1GHz superphone or has real world performance been just fine in your experience?

Via: XDA-Forums

Source: Android Developer's Google Group

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