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Existing myTouch 3G users getting upgrade to Android 2.2 soon

The T-Mobile myTouch 3G is the 2nd best selling Android phone in the United States, so hopefully this news will cheer a lot of you up. T-Mobile has just released some internal documents which states they plan to upgrade existing myTouch 3G phones (not just the Slide) to the latest software version, Android 2.2.

This is the good news I tweeted about back during Google I/O, but the official announcement never came until today. We expect that both the original myTouch 3G and newer myTouch 3G with 3.5 mm headset jack will both receive this upgrade. I saw and played with several Google Ions (aka HTC Magic) that are identical to the original myTouch 3G and they ran Android 2.2 great.

Earlier reports claimed the myTouch 3G would get Sense UI, but we are not so sure on that anymore. T-Mobile will be adding exclusive apps like Genius Button application and Faves Gallery, but it sounds like the phones will remain stock Android.

No information was provided on when this upgrade will occur other than “coming soon”. However, we know from previous leaks that T-Mobile has something really big planned for June 19th. We already knew it was related to the Slide, so there is a small possibility the Slide and existing myTouch owners could see a new software version on the same day.

For all the G1 owners out there, T-Mobile has made no official statements on the future of your phone. It’s technically possible for Android 2.1 to run on the device, but with every week that passes the chances grow slim that T-Mobile will actually update your phone. If you are desperate to hack your G1 and install Android 2.1 right now, we suggest taking a look at CyanogenMod.

Samsung Behold II owners will love the last line of document. T-Mobile says, “We hope this makes you as excited as it makes us. No phones left behind. That’s our pledge”.

Android 2.2 is "coming soon".

Source: TmoNews

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