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Hey Sprint EVO 4G owners, how is your battery life after 1 week?

In our Sprint EVO review I noted that I had no issues with battery performance compared to other Android phones, yet other sites are claiming it’s a “seriously flawed device” and the battery life is a “dealbreaker“.

I find the battery gets me through the day and I charge the phone every night. Of course I wish it lasted a couple days, but I understand the limitations of current battery technology and I’m ok with that.

I’m no electrical engineer, but my experiences with Android phones and Li-ion batteries has taught me that it normally takes 5-6 cycles of charging the battery and draining it before you see peak performance. The first two days of owning an Android phone is when you typically see the shortest battery life and it gradually improves after that.

You can always purchase a higher capacity battery, but I’m really curious what the average Android fan thinks about the EVO’s stock battery.

Now that the EVO has been out for a week, I want to know what the actual people with the phone think about its battery life. Have you noticed an increase in battery performance over the last week? Does the EVO’s battery get you through the day? If you are unsatisfied with the battery, what was your previous handset?

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