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HTC switching to Sony Super TFT LCDs from Samsung AMOLEDs

Don’t expect to find an AMOLED display on your next smartphone, unless you plan on buying a Samsung device. A new report from The Korea Herald states that HTC will be forced to remove the AMOLED displays found in several of their popular Android phones including the Nexus One, Desire, and Incredible.

Samsung Mobile Display controls 98 percent of the global AMOLED display market and they are keeping the displays in house to go towards their Samsung Galaxy S line of phones. Analysts expect that Samsung will sell 10 to 15 million units of the Galaxy S, which could move them ahead of HTC in global smartphone market share.

Korean carrier KT has been forced to delay the launch of the Google Nexus One because of the AMOLED shortages and new devices produced after July will no longer include Samsung’s display. Instead HTC has chosen to go with Sony’s S-LCD (Super TFT LCD), which they claim consumes less power and offers higher resolution than an AMOLED display, although it has a lower contrast ratio.

To cope with the rising demand for AMOLED displays, Samsung will open a new 2.5 trillion won (2 billion USD) plant which is expected to open in July 2011. The new production line is expected to increase output capacity by 10-fold, so Samsung can deliver 30 million displays each month.

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Source: The Korea Herald

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