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HTC EVO hack kills 30FPS cap

Many readers were shocked and disappointed to learn that their brand new HTC EVO 4G was being capped at 30 frames per second in 2D and 3D modes, so most should be happy to know that a fix could be right around the corner. Some people claimed 30 fps didn’t really matter, but the slowdown is noticeable in certain games and we measured it in our Android GPU showdown.

Android hackers over at XDA-Developers have been researching the problem and finally think they found a solution. Select users who flashed a custom kernel have reported that the 30 fps cap has been removed and touchscreen performance improved, but the hack only works on certain model EVOs. Apparently there are two batches of EVOs out there (002 and 003) and only those with Epson LCDs will benefit from the patch.

HTC hopes to release the kernel source soon, so a possible hack could still be available for all phones. At least we know it is possible for some EVOs to run at 60 fps, so hopefully this is a sign that an official fix could be coming from HTC over the air.

Via: Android Central

Source: XDA-Developers

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