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Logitech Revue: Meet the world’s first Google TV box

So Google TV looks pretty cool, but how many of us are willing to throw down a couple thousand on a new Sony TV? Thankfully Logitech has partnered with Google to produce the first Google TV companion box and it’s coming this year. The Logitech Revue will be available this fall and while no price point has been announced, we expect it will be dramatically cheaper than Sony’s TV.

No hardware specifications have been revealed for the Logitech Revue, but we do know some of the details. The device will run Android 2.1, support Flash 10.1, include Google Chrome Browser 5.0, and come with some type of keyboard-style remote. In addition to the packaged remote, users will also be able to control the Revue with a Logitech Harmony remote or with their Android phone using a Logitech application.

I think I know our core audience pretty well and I bet many of you will opt for the Revue versus purchasing a new TV. I can tell you right now I plan on getting one for Christmas. Check out the hands-on demo below if you missed it the first time around.

What do you think is a fair price for the Logitech Revue? I doubt it would exceed the cost of a high-end Android phone, but who knows what else they will cram in there. I’m hoping it’s sub $500 and I would love to see it under $299. Logitech makes a ton of money off accessories, so I bet they keep the Revue price low and then cash in on all the cameras, speakers, and game controllers people are going to hook up to it.

Logitech Revue Logitech Revue Logitech Revue

What is Google TV?

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