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Original Droid will see Android 2.2 before Droid X

Now that the Android 2.2 source code has been released, I guess it’s ok to start looking at when certain phones will receive it. Earlier this morning rumors were flying around that the Droid X might be the first device to ship with Android 2.2, but we later learned it would include Android 2.1 and the FroYo update would come over the air in “late summer”.

A new leaked screen from Verizon’s systems shows that the current Droid is scheduled to receive Android 2.2 and Flash Player 10.1 in late July and that the Droid X will receive its update in August. Given that the original Droid is running a stock version of Android, it makes sense that Motorola could easily port it over before the time it will take to incorporate the new update with their custom firmware on the Droid X.

Keep in mind these upgrade details change frequently, so all planned dates are subject to change (and most likely will). I won’t even bring up the delays with the Droid’s move to Android 2.1, but the Motorola CLIQ might also see their upgrade slip.

If the wait for an official software update is already eating you up, be sure to keep an eye on CyanogenMod which might release their Android 2.2 build any day now.

Droid Froyo

FroYo is coming soon the the Droid.

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