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Sponsor post: AT&T HTC Aria and other Android phones for free

Next time you are in the market for an Android phone (or any cell phone), take some time and browse the Android and Me Cell Phone Shop. We searched long and hard to find the best partner who could offer the lowest prices and we were pleased to finally team up with Simplexity (the guys behind Wirefly).

Our store offers all the same phones, plans, features, warranties, and networks offered by your local retail stores plus a wider selection, lower prices, no waiting in line, and free returns. As some of you might have seen from previous launches, the prices are often below what the carrier offers and you never have to hassle with those lame mail in rebates.

Right now we got the new AT&T HTC Aria at free for new customers and existing customers who wish to upgrade their plan. If you are looking for a new account contract, the activation fee is waived and standard shipping via FedEx is free.

The Aria is AT&T’s first phone with Android 2.1 and perfect for those looking to pickup an entry level, mid-range smartphone. We’ve been pretty hard on AT&T in the past because they were slow to jump on the Android bandwagon, but things have turned around recently with their new lower-priced data plans and expansion of HSPA+ to 250 million people in 2010.

If you have any feedback or suggestions on the store, please let us know and we will do our best to address them. Outside of the industry-wide shortages, we have been completely satisfied with our store and the deals we have been able to offer. You can fully expect we will carry every new Android phone from the Tier 1 carriers, so keep us in mind next time you are looking to save some money.

Browse the Android and Me Cell Phone Shop now.

Source: A&M Store

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