Jun 04 AT 11:20 AM Taylor Wimberly 7 Comments

Sprint EVO 4G receives its first software update on day one

Customers who purchased the Sprint EVO today will likely see an update notification when they first power on the device. A small software update (13 MB) is being sent out over the air to fix a few minor bugs that were being reported. The update is said to address the errors regarding “insufficient file permissions” when users tried to save files to their MicroSD card. It is also being reported that this minor update patches a security hole that allowed users to hack the device and gain root access.

If you have a EVO and have not received the update, you can manually check for it. Just go to Settings > System updates > HTC software update > Check now. I downloaded and installed the update on my EVO and the entire process took about five minutes.

Software updates on day one are nothing new, but it’s good to know that Sprint is on the ball and able to quickly push out fixes when they are needed. I expect we will likely see a couple more updates in the following weeks to tweak the radio and improve performance, but the real update we all want (Android 2.2) might have us waiting a little longer.

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