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Sprint EVO 4G sold out eveywhere, more shipments coming soon

Yesterday Sprint announced that the HTC EVO 4G smashed all their sales records and we wondered if they could keep up with demand. No sales figures have been released, but some are estimating about 200,000 units were sold. Our friends at Android Central pointed out Sprint.com was now sold out of the EVO, so I did a quick search myself to see what I could dig up in my local area.

After spending 30 or so minutes on the phone I discovered that my local Best Buy, Radio Shack, Sprint Stores, and Walmart were all sold out of the device. Most told me they sold out on launch day, but expected new shipments this week.  Best Buy said their entire second shipment was still reserved for pre-orders, while Radio Shack and Sprint both told me I could get on a waiting list.

A Sprint sales rep told me new shipments were arriving daily, while others did not know when the next batch would arrive. This will vary from location to location, so it’s best to call your local store and ask when more are coming if you are on the hunt for an EVO.

Looking online turned up the same results. Amazon reports new orders will not ship for 8-9 days, LetsTalk has their EVO availability listed as 6/20, and Wirefly plus our phone store both have the EVO shipping in 1-2 weeks.

So even though the EVO is sold out everywhere we looked, at least most locations are reporting more inventory is on the way. If you are lucky, maybe your local Walmart might have it. You would think someone at Sprint might have anticipated a huge launch for their first 4G phone, but maybe they were just creating some more hype (like this story).

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Via: Android Central

Source: Sprint

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