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Sprint Hero and Moment users left behind on Android 2.1

Sprint customers who recently purchased the HTC EVO 4G can expect an update to Android 2.2 in the “near future“, but older Sprint phones will not be as lucky. A recent announcement from Sprint confirmed that the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment will forever be stuck with Android 2.1.

The notice is unfortunate, but at least Sprint has the balls to drop the bad news early instead of leaving their customers endlessly waiting (**cough T-Mobile**).

Google just released the source code for Android 2.2 and revealed it would build for the HTC Dream and Magic, so we believe that all first-generation Android phones should be technically able to run the latest firmware. However, each software update that is rolled out by a carrier can cost quite a bit and Sprint might be looking for an opportunity to cut cost.

Once again, this raises a very interesting question for carriers that sell Android phones. How long should a carrier support an Android device with firmware updates after it has been released?

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