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T-Mobile’s pledge to Android users: “No phones left behind”

Buried inside last week’s myTouch 3G getting Android 2.2 leak was an interesting message from the high-ups at T-Mobile. Cole Brodman, CTO of T-Mobile, closed the letter to company employees with the message, “No phones left behind. That’s our pledge”.

It sounds good on paper, but what exactly does it mean?

We are talking about a leaked document here so there are no details on how this pledge will work, but it comes at an interesting time. Sprint and Verizon just upgraded their first-generation phones to Android 2.1, but T-Mobile still has six phones with Android 1.5 and 1.6. The new myTouch 3G Slide is T-Mobile’s only phone with Android 2.1 and it came that way out of the box.

Even more concerning is the fact that some T-Mobile customers appear to have already been left behind. Samsung Mobile recently said the Behold II would receive an update from Android 1.5 to 1.6, but that a full upgrade to Android 2.1 was not in the works. T-Mobile has yet to officially comment on this phone (and a lot others) so it’s up in the air on what could eventually happen.

The pledge does raise some interesting questions that many Android customers have wondered about recently. When you purchase an Android phone, does the carrier have any responsibility to offer regular software updates? And if the carrier commits to Android updates, how long should that guarantee last? Should it be one year, two years, or even longer?

What type of pledge or guarantee would you like your carrier to make when you purchase an Android device?

Click to enlarge and read the pledge.

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