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What will you do first with EVO, the first 4G phone? (VIDEO)

The first HTC EVO 4G ad has been uploaded to YouTube and Sprint has chosen to focus on the word first. One of the first things that comes to mind for me is the obsessed blog commentators who rush to post “FIRST!!!” on every article (luckily our site has avoided that). Anyways, Sprint wants to know the first thing people intend to do with their EVO when it launches tomorrow.

If you plan on picking up the phone tomorrow (or dream of owning it), let us know what you plan to do first. Will you record a 720p high definition video and play it back on your TV? Will you perform a speed test to measure how fast your download speeds are? Will you make a video call with Fring or Qik? Will you download one of the many 3D games for Android?

Check out the video after the jump and let us know what you think of the first EVO commercial.

“First is the beginning. First kicks open the door and possibilities follow. First resets everything. First moves us forward, fast. We all want first. First isn’t later, it’s now. What will you do first with EVO, the first 4G phone?”Sprint TV spot

Source: YouTube

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