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Will Motorola meet the planned timeline for Android 2.1 on CLIQ?

We all know by now that the Motorola CLIQ (and CLIQ XT) will receive Android 2.1, but the real question is when? Motorola published an official chart listing all their Android devices and the timelines for Android upgrades, but no first-gen phones have received Android 2.1 yet.

CLIQ owners were hoping to see an upgrade to Android 2.1 in Q2, but only a week remains and there is no sign of a release. T-Mobile has been working closely with Motorola to perform public betas before releasing previous software updates and we assume they will do the same for Android 2.1. The beta period for new software updates typically lasts a week, so it doesn’t appear any official release is around the corner or we would know about it by now.

Some users had hoped Motorola would share new details on their upgrade timeline during today’s Droid X event, but no announcements were made regarding Android 2.1 for first-gen phones. The only thing we learned is that the Droid X will ship with Android 2.1 and it will be updated to Android 2.2 during late summer.

If the CLIQ does end up receiving Android 2.1 anytime soon, I would not expect it till after the Droid X launch on July 15th. Although unlikely, there is also the chance Motorola could just skip Android 2.1 for first-gen phones and jump directly to Android 2.2 later this summer.

I wish there was some good news to share, but don’t expect a CLIQ upgrade this week. In the mean time, you can head over to the Motorola Owners’ Forum and sign up to be notified when new details are available.

Source: Motorola

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