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It’s been difficult for me over the past month or so not to renew my childhood excitement about soccer–or football as you non-US folks like to call it. Growing up, I played soccer for years and years and up until 2004 I owned just about every reputable soccer video game ever created (in fact, you can still find me on FIFA online from time to time). A few weeks ago, I learned of EA Sports’ Android entry into the FIFA series, FIFA 10.

FIFA 10 is a toned-down (though not by much) version of EA Sports’ popular console/PC game of the same name which brings the world of soccer to your portable Android device.

Overall Thoughts and Impressions

EA Sports’ FIFA series is the only soccer game on any platform with full licensing rights to team names and logos, as well as player information. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the experience and play as the actual members of your favorite team as you take on the competition.

The game feels very well put together and has many if not all of the features you have come to expect from the FIFA franchise, even the coveted “Be a Pro” mode which I have greatly enjoyed in the EA Sports series. Users can select from exhibition games, manager mode, tournament, Be a Pro, training, or penalty shootout game modes.


Overall, controlling your character is fairly straight forward. Users have the option to use their phone’s accelerometer or an on-screen control pad to control their selected players.  Whichever control mode you choose, there is a very high learning curve on the control schemes which has often left me in states of frustration as I can’t seem to work the controls well.

On-screen A and B buttons are used to perform all actions, either by tapping, holding, or sliding between one or both buttons. This has also lead to some problems for me, as often when I’ve tried to tap B in order to change the player I’m controlling, the button registered a slide from B to A resulting in a slide tackle. After several days of use, I still haven’t managed to get the controls down long enough to be able to actually score a goal, a frustration I chalk up to problems with the control scheme (after all, it couldn’t be user error!).

Once you get over the initial frustrations with the control scheme, the controls are fairly intuitive, and have the potential to work quite well.


Gameplay is much as you’d expect from EA Sports games of late. Actions are as true to life as possible on a 3-5 inch screen. Love or hate the pace of most soccer games, FIFA 10 holds true to its realism form in this area as well. Most games are not high-scoring affairs and last a total of 5 minutes with the accelerated clock.

The computer AI is fairly decent, and I (as mentioned above) have yet to score a goal off of the computer’s defense.


  • Very realistic soccer experience
  • EA’s exclusive FIFA license provides accurate team and player information
  • Multiple game modes so you can play whatever you want


  • Controls are complicated to master
  • Buttons register unwanted touches/swipes

Final Verdict

It’s very difficult for me to recommend FIFA 10 to the masses. FIFA 10 comes with a $7 price tag, which will (and should) likely detract all but the most dedicated of soccer fans. Overall, FIFA 10 is a pretty solid and full-featured sporting game for Android, albeit with a few hiccups regarding the on-screen controls. If you’re truly into soccer, I would highly recommend you pony up the $7 for this game. If you’re not, I think I can safely advise you to skip this one.

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