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PSX4Droid launches to Android Market woes

The highly anticipated Playstation emulator psx4droid, created by ZodTTD, finally launched on the Android Market over the weekend for $6. As of press time, over 7,500 Android users have put in an order for psx4droid, though only about the first 900 orders have actually been able to download the application. The rest of the orders are stuck in the authentication phase of the Google Checkout process.

So what’s the cause of this issue, you ask? Well, we don’t exactly know at this point. ZodTTD has contacted some representatives at Google, but has yet to receive a response. A forum thread has been started on Google’s market support forum that now has 110 posts, but none officially from Google reps, and as of press time the issue is still unresolved.

Several theories exist as to why this might be occurring; here’s a few we think are the most plausible.

  1. ZodTTD’s Google account is set up improperly. In an email discussion with ZodTTD, they had mentioned the creation of a second paid application to test the checkout process. ZodTTD then had a few people test purchase the application, and found the same authorization happening with the second application.
  2. Sony is a large partner in the Google TV effort. The Playstation happens to be a trademark of the Sony brand. Coincidence? Maybe, but it’s still within the realm of possibility that someone over at Sony saw the release of psx4droid over the weekend and put in a call over to Google to stop all purchases.

Hopefully with time we will learn the truth behind why Android users aren’t able to download this application from the market. We are holding out hope for reason 1 rather than reason 2, as reason 2 could mean psx4droid will never make it to the Android market.

If nothing else, the case of psx4droid highlights the need for a greater level of customer service from the folks over at Google. Many users (myself included) are outside the 24-hour window needed to get a refund for psx4droid, and hopefully won’t have to eat the $6 cost. I guess we’ll simply have to wait for Google’s official response.

Can’t wait for Google to get this sorted out? psx4droid is currently available on the SlideME alternative market for the same $6 price.

Update: Well, it seems we single-handedly coerced Google into letting the held up purchases slide through. Okay, maybe it wasn’t us, but as I was driving back from lunch today, I noticed in the notification area that psx4droid had successfully installed. Other users are reporting successful downloads as well. Looks like things have cleared up for good. If you continue to experience issues, please leave a comment below.  Enjoy psx4droid everyone!

Via: ZodTTD

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