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SCVNGR just got a little more social (and awesome)

Back in May, we reviewed a check-in based application called SCVNGR that allows users to do quick, fun activities to interact with their social world. Though SCVNGR was deemed to be a fun new way to experience social media and check-in based services in particular, it seems the rubber hasn’t quite hit the road yet. A quick browse of the more popular local places showed one or zero check-ins in the last few months. As it stands right now, the market is showing SCVNGR in the 10-50,000 downloads category, compared to over 250,000 downloads for similar services Foursquare and Gowalla.

SCVNGR has released a new version of their application with a feature that they hope will be innovative enough to convince Android users to start using SCVNGR. The new “bump” feature allows Android users to bump their phones together to check-in to a location at the same time. This move makes check-ins on SCVNGR a more social endeavor, and is a fun way to show the world that you’re not out at a bar drinking alone!

So will this new bump feature be revolutionary enough to convince you to give SCVNGR another look? Sound off in the comments.

Note: SCVNGR still requires Android 2.0+.

Check out the promo video for SCVNGR here:  SCVNGR | The Social Check-in

SCVNGR check-in menu SCVNGR Social check-in

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