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Top 10 app downloads of the week: Monday, July 19th, 2010

As the application guy for Android and Me, it is my humble duty to advise our readers of new applications to try out and which you should stay away from.  As a part of this service we bring to the community, we are launching a new segment featuring the top 10 applications that were downloaded for the week. With this new weekly piece, we hope to help you (and us) discover new awesome applications for your mobile pleasure. If you’ve already had some experience with any of the applications we mention, share your experience (positive or negative) with other readers by leaving a comment below.

Without any further ado, your top 10 most downloaded applications for the week of July 18th, 2010.

10. Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanner is the must-have Android barcode/QR code reader application. Simply scan the barcode/QR code and easily access multiple types of content. Scanning barcodes at stores gives prices and reviews for all kinds of products from multiple stores.

9. Shazam

Shazam allows Android users to figure out song titles and lyrics by listening to 5-10 second segments. Recently, they have announced a paid and free version of this application, with the paid version allowing unlimited number of tags.

8. ASTRO File Manager

ASTRO file manager is arguably the premier file manager for the Android platform. ASTRO allows you to manage all the content on your phone and SD card in a similar file format to what you’re used to on your PC.

7. Fox News

Fox News is a recently released news application by the popular news conglomerate.

6. Smart Measure

Smart Measure is a cool new tool Android users can use to approximate the height and distance of an object using your phone’s camera.

5. AppBrain App Market

AppBrain is a front for the Android market that allows users to install Android apps to their phone right from their PCs.

4. MicDroid

MicDroid is an app that brings auto-tune functionality to the Android platform. A free and donate version are both available.

3. Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a popular browser replacement application for Android, which features (among other things), the ability to quickly load pages thanks to Opera’s compression functionality.

2. Onion News Network

ONN is a new application that features access to the entire Onion News Network’s massive satirical newscast.

And the most downloaded Android application for the week of 7/18/2010 is….

1. SwiftKey Beta

SwiftKey Beta is a beta version of a popular keyboard replacement application. Early reviews have noted pretty significant advances in word/text prediction.

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