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Trillian to bring all-in-one IM client to Android?

CNET is reporting that Trillian is a mere weeks away from releasing a beta version of an Android application for early testing. For those unfamiliar with Trillian, Trillian is one of the most widely used all-in-one IM client that allows users to chat from all of their instant messaging accounts (such as Yahoo! messenger, AIM, Facebook, Google Talk, Windows Live, etc.) in one simple stream.

Though there are several other all-in-one IM apps out there, in my opinion Trillian has long stood out as the cream of the crop when it came to these applications, and I think those of you who spend significant amounts of time IMing should be pretty excited to try this application out for yourself.

Some of the features that are said to be included in the upcoming app are: sortable buddy lists, easy status updates, emoticon gallery, and perhaps most importantly, tabbed conversation view for simple switching between conversations.

Though I don’t spend much time IMing (in fact I haven’t logged into AIM in over a year), this likely is/will be the one IM application that I would deem a must download, and has a good shot at getting me back in the IM game (assuming my friends still IM that is).

So what do you say? Do you want to check out the beta once it arrives?  Head over to Trillian’s Android signup site and sign up for email notifications and be the first to download the beta once it becomes available in a few weeks.


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