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Verizon to follow in AT&T’s footsteps with tiered data plans

The days of unlimited data plans are soon coming to an end. A new report from Engadget claims that Verizon will implement tiered data plans on July 29th, following a similar move by AT&T last month.

Verizon has been hinting they would shift to tiered data plans as they roll out their new 4G LTE network later this year, but we didn’t expect the change to come this soon. No details on pricing have been revealed, but Verizon and AT&T tend to follow each others moves pretty closely. AT&T now offers two levels of data plans ($25 for 2 GB, $15 for 200 MB), so expect something similar from Verizon.

Even though no official announcement has been released, this looks like a pretty sure bet at this point. Verizon recently updated their MyVerizon Android application with new features, like the ability to monitor data usage. The only real question left: how much will the new plans cost?

Source: Engadget

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