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AOL chooses Android as its mobile OS of choice, launches 2 apps

Probably all of us at one point or another have used AOL as our ISP. Though AOL’s users have been declining in recent years, AOL just got a whole lot cooler in my book. Today, AOL announced its support for the Android operating system, choosing Android as the platform to showcase their flagship AOL application. The AOL app gives users a simple way to read content from AOL’s most popular sites–such as Engadget, PopEater, Fanhouse, MapQuest and AOL Mail. No word on what this means for the future of the official Engadget app, but I believe the AOL app will be a supplement to Engadget rather than a replacement.

In addition to the AOL app, AOL announced the availability of their DailyFinance app, which is an Android version of their popular financial news application that is popular on several other platforms. DailyFinance features real-time stock quotes, view financial news, and track up to 25 different financial portfolios.

Say what you will about AOL itself, but AOLs adoption of Android as the platform to launch their official branded AOL app boosts the legitimacy of Android in the eyes of the Enterprise. Hopefully, more and more big-name companies will choose Android as their OS of choice for future app developments.

In the meantime, head over to the market and check out the newly-launched AOL and DailyFinance applications. Both applications are free downloads, though no official announcements regarding what versions of Android are supported. If you’re having problems, leave a comment below and I’ll update the post as needed.


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