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Barnes & Noble officially launches Nook for Android app

As we promised earlier this week, Barnes and Noble this morning officially launched their Nook-branded e-reader application for the Android market.

nook for Android will allow users to access their ebook library and shop for over a million ebooks from the nook store right from their Android device. nook has all the conveniences you’d come to expect from ereader applications, such as automatic sync of your last page read and bookmark information, customizable reading experience that allows you to choose from 8 different fonts and 5 text sizes, and the ability to turn pages with the flick of your finger.

The nook for Android application brings us a new feature that we haven’t seen before on ereader applications: the ability to share ebooks with your friends for free by “lending” them your copy of the purchased ebook. Only one copy of the ebook will likely be able to be used at any given time, so I’d advise you not to go out and buy and ebook and immediately share it with 500 of your closest friends, but it is a great way to share a book with someone who you think would enjoy it as much as you did.

As I’ve stated before, I’m a big fan of choice when it comes to ereader applications. The more we have, the more access we have to as many books as we could ever want, and the ability to select based on price when a book is offered from multiple sources. I personally have all of the ereader applications installed on my phone, while others like to have only one application hogging their phone’s precious internal memory. Whichever camp you belong to, the Barnes and Noble nook for Android application is a very worthy addition to the increasingly crowded Android ereader app repertoire, and I’d encourage you to head over to the Android market and download nook for Android to try it for yourself today.

nook for Android requires Android 1.6 and above.

Via: CNet

Source: Barnes & Noble

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