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Dell confirms Streak on sale tomorrow, Android 2.2 this year

A new entry on the Direct2Dell blog indicates the Dell Streak will go on sale this week and the pre-sale page has just been updated to say, “Please visit www.dell.com/streak tomorrow to purchase your Dell Streak.”

Even though the device is not on sale in the U.S., Dell is already claiming the Streak is “the most successful pre-sale we’ve ever offered”. No price point has been released, but we expect the Streak will go for at least $500.

Dell also confirmed that the particular model going on sale this week will not be compatible with T-Mobile 3G, but the product specs indicate it will work with AT&T 3G. It remains unclear if the device will only be sold unlocked or if a subsidized version might be available through AT&T.

As many of us expected the Streak will still ship with Android 1.6, but an upgrade to Android 2.2 is planned for later this year. Dell uploaded a video that shows the Streak running Android 2.1, but it is uncertain if it will receive that upgrade too or just jump right to 2.2.

If you are looking for an Android phone with the biggest screen, then the Streak’s 5-inch display should be appealing. Dell says the device will fit in the front pocket of your shirt, but we still think it pushes the limits of what’s acceptable for a smartphone. Those looking for a true tablet might want to wait till later this year when Dell plans to release 7 and 10 inch versions of the Streak.

The few points Dell wanted to clarify include:

  • At this point, we do not have plans for supporting T-Mobile’s 3G network; Dell Streak will not be certified for T-Mobile operation overall.
  • Like I mentioned in our previous Dell Streak post, the Android 2.2 over the air update (Froyo) will come later this year. We will ship Dell Streak with Android 1.6.
  • Carbon Black is the color that will be available at the US launch. New Cherry Red will be the next color that we’ll offer. I don’t have an ETA for New Cherry Red at this time, but it will be coming soon.

Via: Android Central

Source: Dell

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