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DROID Incredible gets cozy with in-dash car monitor

When most of us think of Android, we think about the millions of things our little robot friend helps us do while on the go.  Sadly, the little green robot’s powers are easily forgotten every time we get into our cars.  We may pull out our Android phone to check a text message or send out a quick Tweet while waiting at a stoplight, but is that the way our Android phone is really meant to be used while driving?

Fortunately, yellowbrothersf has posted a YouTube video, showing us what Android is really capable of when used properly in a car.  With two cable adapters, he was able to take advantage of the DROID Incredible’s TV-out capabilities and connect his Android phone with his car’s in-dash GPS screen.  You still need to use the phone to control everything, but listening to Pandora while using Google Navigation couldn’t be more enjoyable.

How many of you would actually be interested in having an Android system running in your car?

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