Jul 09 AT 6:35 PM Anthony Domanico 26 Comments

Google releases parking spot sharing app Open Spot

The Google Open Spot lab team has announced the availability of an Android app that will allow users to share their parking spaces with other Androiders. Open Spot, currently in beta, hopes to save Android users time, gas money, and reduces pollution by reducing the amount of time driving around trying to hunt down parking spaces.

Simply open the Open Spot application, and Open Spot will show you all parking spots within ~0.9 miles of your current location, color coded to tell you how long ago the open spot was posted (Red for freshly-marked spots, orange for spots marked over 5 minutes ago, and yellow for spots marked over 10 minutes ago). Spots will disappear after 20 minutes, so be sure to get there fast!

Open Spot is one of those applications that will only work if a significant number of Android users adopt the service. I for one feel this is a very handy use of the Android platform, as I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to drive around Minneapolis or Los Angeles or New York City trying to find an elusive parking spot. I encourage you all to download the Open Spot application today and help make it one more benefit Android has over the iPhone lot.

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