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HTC defends the DROID Eris from Apple’s reception attacks

By now, I’m sure most of you have probably heard or read about Apple’s press conference on Friday, where they discussed the iPhone 4’s reception issues and offered the “bumper” solution to fix it.  Since none of us are huge iPhone fans around these parts, I’d like keep this a little more focused on Android, particularly the DROID Eris.

During his presentation, Steve Jobs pointed out that all smartphones have issues with reception when held in certain ways.  To make sure we got the point, Apple put together a few videos of some competing smartphones, among which was the HTC made DROID Eris.  The video of the Eris clearly showed that the phone lost reception when held in the left hand with the palm covering the bottom corner of the phone.

While the video does show the reception bars fading in and out based on the users grip of the phone, HTC has spoken up in the hope to clear a the air a little and maybe even restore a little confidence to their customers.  Since Apple shared hard numbers about their customers who complained about reception issues on the new iPhone 4, HTC decided to do the same.  According to Apple, nearly 0.55% of iPhone 4 customers have been in contact with them regarding reception or antenna issues on the new phone.  That number may not be super high, but it is over 34 times higher than the 0.016% of DROID Eris customers who complained about the same issue.

We don’t like playing the blame game, but we would like companies to take responsibility for their mistakes and not try dragging others into their mess.

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