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LG unveils Android 2.2-powered Optimus series

LG only has a single Android phone available in the United States so far (Verizon Ally), but that is expected to change later this year when the company is scheduled to release up to ten new smartphones.

Today the company unveiled its upcoming LG Optimus Series, which they are pushing as a “line-up of innovative smart devices featuring the latest in mobile technology”. Two models, the Optimus One and Optimus Chic, were revealed to be running Android 2.2, but no specs have been announced at this point.

Both devices look like pretty vanilla Android phones, so it will be interesting to find what LG is packing inside. With HTC, Motorola, and Samsung now in full swing with their Android lineups, it will be hard for LG to make a splash this year unless they have some major surprises for us.

Show Press Release

BERKSHIRE,UK, JULY 5, 2010 – LG Electronics (LG) today unveiled its upcoming LG Optimus Series, a line-up of innovative smart devices featuring the latest in mobile technology that will spearhead the company’s newest campaign to highlight LG’s ability to simplify consumers’ information-dominated lives.

LG Optimus, meaning ‘best’ in Latin, will be comprised of devices running on a range of operating systems as well as Android Tablet PCs. By offering a variety of choice in operating systems and incorporating smart technologies, LG prioritises consumer choice as a key strategy for expanding its footprint in the mobile industry. The smartphones and tablet devices range from entry to premium level, with various features to meet the diverse needs of all customers. As part of its aggressive strategy to grow its share of the global smartphone market, LG will be introducing approximately 10 new smart devices worldwide in the second half of this year under the LG Optimus label.

“The LG Optimus Series is aimed at challenging the notion that one device can meet the needs of many,” said Dr. Skott Ahn, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “At LG, we believe in providing people with many different choices because our customers are not all alike. We want to provide devices that suit all needs and simplify people’s lives.”

The LG Optimus Series is the result of extensive consumer research and development that delved into the way people gather information in today’s digital age. According to a consumer survey conducted by LG, ease of finding information is the top motivator in considering a smartphone purchase. The research also looked into what consumers liked and disliked about some of today’s most popular communications devices. Not surprisingly, user friendliness and fast response time were high on consumers’ lists.

The two android-powered smartphones in the pipeline – LG Optimus One with Google and LG Optimus Chic – incorporate the speedy Android Platform 2.2 (Froyo).

LG Optimus One with Googleâ„¢ offers the latest in Googleâ„¢ mobile features and connects seamlessly to the world. Its ability to connect effortlessly to Google’s Android Marketâ„¢ delivers an unfiltered and genuine smartphone user experience. Also, a convenient user interface and diverse multimedia options ensure a mobile environment that makes this device one of the easiest to use on the market.

The LG Optimus Chic caters to fashion aficionados with its tasteful design incorporating soft and smooth lines. The handset’s sleek curves set a new standard for smartphone design, challenging the perception that advanced Android devices need to appeal to a hardcore tech crowd to gain widespread acceptance.

Beyond smartphones, LG will be introducing its first tablet device later this year. Running on the Android Platform, LG’s tablet will deliver vastly superior performance than other similar devices currently on the market while still managing to be thinner and lighter than competing devices.

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