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Nexus One sold out! Will become the next official Android dev phone

The Nexus One is sold out!  Last week we learned that Google had received their last shipment of Nexus One handsets, but we certainly didn’t expect them to sell through so fast.  We have known for a while that Google planned on shutting down their phone store, moving sales of the Nexus One to a more traditional distribution model with carriers like Vodafone.

While many may call this the demise of the Nexus One, we want to remind you that just because Google is no longer selling the phone, this does not mean that the Nexus One is no longer available.  Google is planning on selling the phone directly to registered Android developers, but the general public will still be able to purchase the phone through Vodafone and KT.  Between the two carriers, the Nexus One is available at subsidized prices in Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, and South Korea.  Those of us who do not live in any of those markets will still be able to purchase the Nexus One through our favorite cell phone importers.

The Nexus One was hailed by Google as the world’s first superphone.  Since its launch, the Nexus One has inspired manufacturers to release Android powered phone with similar or better internal specifications.  The legacy of the Nexus one will most likely live on for years and those lucky enough to own the only official “Google phone” will most likely cherish it for an eternity (or as long as Google keeps rolling out new Android builds for it).

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Source: Google Phone Store

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