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Verizon Droid X unboxing and mini review!!! The Sprint Evo Killer??

The Droid X came out this week and I was lucky enough for a good friend of mine to let me play with his the day he picked it up (thanks Andrew). I have been pretty excited about this phone since it was leaked and have always found Motorola’s designs for their Droid phones to be fresh and compelling. I knew from the get-go that this phone was going to be HUGE for Verizon, as well as Android, so I couldn’t wait to finally get my hands-on time with the phone.

Unlike the first Droid, this one isn’t running off of stock Android UI. Instead Motorola decided to throw in their own Motoblur UI which can also be found in some of their other more popular handsets like the Cliq on T-Mobile or Devour also on Verizon. I always felt like Motoblur was a step up on those devices seeing how they were stuck on Android 1.5 and 1.6 respectively but on the Droid X it seems to be a step BACK from stock Android 2.1. Icons look cartoony and the UI can be choppy on the homescreen. Some apps like the Gallery look HIDEOUSLY plain and I really just don’t understand the need for Motoblur anymore. I think Motorola could have done better by just by adding some of their own custom apps into stock Android. And since Motorola went to great lengths into locking their bootloader, it looks like their is little chance for root access or loading any custom stock ROMs onto the device anytime soon.

Overall I feel like its a solid device and fits perfectly into the Droid line of phones from Verizon. The screen is large and bright. Video and audio quality is exceptional at 720p and 3 microphones. The design of the phone may be hit or miss for some. I’ve always REALLY liked the design of the phone seeing how NO ONE can confuse it for an iPhone *cough* Evo *cough*. The physical buttons along the bottom are a godsend. Having owned an Evo since day 1, I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to accidentally press the capacitive buttons and it happens frequently. The processor is also right up there with Samsung’s Hummingbird so 3D gaming looks flawless.

The one thing Motorola left out on the phone is a front facing camera which almost seems intentional. I’m wondering if it was more a choice from Verizon not wanting to bog down their network with video calling right now? In any case, it’s still a solid phone and a great Evo contender although the Evo still tops it with front facing cam and Sense UI (can also be hacked to run stock Android 2.2). I still think Verizon customers should be happy with the Droid X and their unrivaled network and you can also hold the phone with your left hand (no bumper/duct tape required).

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