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“Print to Retail” empowers the DROID X to turn digital images into physical prints

While most people have been impressed by the screen size or the processor of the DROID X, Motorola wanted to make sure that owners of the new Android powerhouse get the best possible user experience as well.  We know, most of you are not too fond of MotoBLUR or even the dumbed down version of it that made its way on to the DROID X, but Motorola has added a few tweaks and features that we have not seen on Android phones before.

This afternoon, we got a little tip from our friends over at AndroidGuys which I was able to confirm for them with the DROID X demo unit I have been playing around with. The DROID X has a new feature which allows users to print their pictures at local shops.  While looking at a picture inside the gallery, you can select the option by pressing Menu > Share > Print to Retail.  Once the option is selected, you’ll be presented with a list of the nearest retail printing destinations.  In the Twin Cities, the only options we have available to us are CVS and Costco, but we’re pretty sure that store selection will vary by market.  If you’ve not looking to print pictures at the closest shop, you can search for other locations by zip code (this could come in pretty handy if you have parents nagging you to send them pictures of their granddaughter).

Once you select a retail location, the next screen gives you all the pertinent store information (address, phone number, and store hours) along with print pricing (between $0.13 and $0.19 for 4×6 prints). After you enter in your contact information, you’ve given the option to select the number of prints you want as well as adding other pictures to your order.  When you’re finished adding other pictures, the order total, including state tax are added up and you’re set to go.  Simply press the place order button and you should be able to pick up your prints at the local CVS store in about an hour.

The idea behind the “Print to Retail” sounds pretty simple, but it is a great way to share the pictures from the DROID X’s 8MP camera with the world.  We know, you probably already share all your picture through Facebook and Twitter, but for those among us who still like to hold pictures in our hands, having this extra option does save you the hassle of importing the pictures to your computer, uploading them to your online photo printing website and then waiting for them in the mail.  Our hope if that the selection of retailers expands to include Wal-Mart, Target and a number of other photo printing shops so that users will have more options on locations and pricing.

Have any of you had the chance to try the Print to Retail option out yet?  Let us know how it went.  We would also be curious to know how the pictures actually turned out in print form.

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