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White HTC EVO 4G unboxing

My local Best Buy called this morning to inform me that the white Sprint Evo I had pre-ordered was available for pickup. This came as a shock to me seeing how they weren’t supposed to drop for another week (July 11th and August 12th for Sprint stores).

I rushed down there to return the black one I had added for someone on my Family Plan (seeing how I was within Best Buy’s 30 day return policy) and they swapped it out for the new white version. I’m not too sure if I actually like the new white color scheme over the black but its just something different. Different and newer always seem better.

Of course, the first thing I did upon powering it up was check to see if it had that “new” screen and sure enough…. it did. I’m not sure if ALL the white Evo’s will have these screens from here on out or if its a mixed bag like with the black versions. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Either way, this doesn’t make me feel too bad that I’m stuck with the black Evo on my personal line. Especially if mine has the screen I am more happier with.

If HTC is really awesome maybe we’ll see a switch to those new Super TFT screens they’re going to release on the Nexus and Droid Incredibles soon.

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