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Chrome to Phone highlights Cloud to Device Messaging

Google just updated Chrome to Phone to version 2.0 and it is now available for devices running Android 2.2. The service is a combination of an Android app (scan QR code) and Chrome extension which allows users to send items from their browser to their phone including a current web page, map, YouTube video, or selected phone number or text.

Chrome to Phone uses the new Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM) framework that was included in Android 2.2. Google describes C2DM as a “simple, lightweight mechanism that servers can use to tell mobile applications to contact the server directly, to fetch updated application or user data”. The C2DM feature will eventually be available to all developers, but it is currently launched in Labs and devs need to signup to request access.

Firefox users can also join in the fun by installing the Fox To Phone extension.

Chrome to Phone features:

  • Send links to browser
  • Google Maps links launch the Google Maps app.
  • YouTube links launch the YouTube app.
  • Selecting phone numbers in Web pages, launches the dialer with the number pre-populated.
  • Selected text populates the Android clipboard (long-press on text boxes to get paste option).

Via: Android Dev Blog

Source: Chrome blog

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