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Facebook for Android gets a massive UI overhaul in 1.3 update

4 years ago 76

Facebook for Android today quietly released an update to their native Android application, bringing a much needed UI improvement, in-app support for Facebook events and friend requests, a new notification bar, and in-app video playback.

I will cautiously admit to owning an iPod Touch, which I purchased before I ever owned an Android phone. It has been a bit painful to see the iPhone version of the official Facebook application keep getting better while it’s Android counterpart remained mostly stagnant. This release brings us back up to par with the iPhone application. In fact, the 1.3 update also brings a stream of pictures at the bottom of the main screen, something the iPhone application can’t yet do. This should give us bragging rights for at least a short while.

Overall, though the 1.3 update really is simply catching up to the iPhone counterpart, it is a much-needed and welcomed update in terms of both UI improvement and added features. The final product is slick and is tenfold better than previous versions.

Check out what’s new in the screenshots below, and head over to the market and download/update it for yourself.

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