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PayPal gets updated to 2.0, brings two new features and UI overhaul

Back in May, we reviewed version 1 of the PayPal Android Application, finding it to be a relatively easy way to manage your PayPal account from your Android phone.

Yesterday, PayPal announced a major update to their application, which adds two cool new features as well as a complete redesign of the application UI.

The first added feature is the ability to bump your phone with another person’s phone to make/receive payments. Simply have both users hit the bump phones button, and bring your phones close to each other to initiate the money transfer. Though I don’t personally see much use for this, I’m sure this will be a welcome feature to you users out there who are more seasoned in PayPal than I am.

Perhaps an even cooler (and more useful) feature is the ability to automatically calculate each person’s contribution to a total bill while at a restaurant. Just enter the total amount, tip percentage, and the total number of people in your group, and PayPal does the rest, even allowing you to collect money from your friends by entering their PayPal account’s email address or phone number. This is a pretty awesome feature, and has the potential to alleviate some of those “how much does everyone owe” moments at restaurants that we all hate.

Finally, PayPal 2.0 brings an updated user interface, which I’m finding really hit or miss. It’s still passable and simple enough to negotiate, but I think I preferred the UI of the old version a little better. I’m sure it’s more of a first impression thing, and the new UI will grow on me over time, but I can’t yet get over the cluttered feeling of the PayPal app.

Initial impressions with UI aside, the PayPal 2.0 application brings a few new features found in its iPhone counterpart that are sure to please several dedicated PayPal users. If you haven’t used the PayPal app in the past, check out our review to see for yourself if it’s worth a look. If you’re already a PayPal user upgrading to the latest version, let us know what you think about the upgrade in the comments (especially regarding your impressions of the UI).

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