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Top 10 App Downloads of the Week: Monday, August 16th, 2010

Midway through the month of August, and yet another shift in the Top 10 chart. A few apps that I’m frankly surprised are still on the list, some new entries. All in all, a good week for applications. As always, if you’ve tried any of the applications on this list, please share your thoughts/opinions with other readers in the comments.

And now, your Top 10 most downloaded applications for the week of August 16th, 2010.

10. Multicon Widget

Multicon Widget is a widget that allows you to put four icons in the same space as one icon on your homescreen. This allows for up to 64 apps/shortcuts on a single homescreen.

To install Multicon Widget, click here.

9. LauncherPro

LauncherPro is a application launcher replacement app for your phone. It’s been in the Top 10 list since we started this list several weeks ago.

To install LauncherPro, click here.

8. Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner is another longstanding member of the Top 10 downloads column. Barcode scanner is an application that allows users to scan barcodes and search for price/availability of particular items at many local stores. It also has a QR code reader. It is a must-have for Android.

To install Barcode Scanner, click here.

7. Gesture Search

Gesture Search is new to the charts this week. Gesture Search is Google’s popular applications that allows you to search your phone by simply drawing letters and numbers on your screen.

To install Gesture Search, click here.

6. AppBrain App Market

AppBrain is a front for the Android market that allows users to install Android apps to their phone right form their PCs.

To install AppBrain, click here.

5. VR Tunnel Live Wallpaper

VR Tunnel Live Wallpaper is a 3D live wallpaper with a motion-sensitive holographic effect. Remember, all live wallpapers require 2.1+.

To install VR Tunnel Live Wallpaper, click here.

4. Vlingo

Vlingo is an application that allows you to use your voice to fully control your phone. Works on 2.1+ phones. See our review of Vlingo.

To install Vlingo, click here.

3. TweetDeck

This one I’d advise you against downloading. The developers over at TweetDeck posted that someone took their beta application and posted it on the Android market (I believe he even charged $1 for it). You should, however go over to TweetDeck’s blog site to install the official version of TweetDeck. Oh, and read about our first impressions of TweetDeck.

2. Talking Tom Cat

Talking Tom Cat is a virtual cat that you can pet, poke, punch, and grab their tail. He also repeats everything you say with a funny cat voice.

To install Talking Tom Cat click here.

And the most downloaded application for the week of August 16th, 2010 is…

1. Chrome to Phone

Chrome to Phone is Google’s official release of the Chrome to Phone feature for Froyo phones. This application allows you to click a button on your Google Chrome browser and send web pages, directions, maps, and various other kinds of content right to your phone.

To install Chrome to Phone (2.2 only), click here.

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