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Top 10 App Downloads of the Week: Monday, August 9th, 2010

Another week, another shift in the weekly download charts. As always, if you’ve tried any of the applications on this list, please share with other readers in the comments.

We’re trying something a little bit different this week. In addition to the normal AppBrain widgets we add to the Top10 list, we’re also including the new install link, so you can easily install these applications directly to your phone. Is this something you’d like to see every week? Want us to go back to the way we were doing it before? Sound off in the comments.

And now, without any further ado, your Top 10 Android Apps for the week for Monday, August 9th, 2010 are:

10. ASTRO File Manager

ASTRO file manager is a way for you to explore and manipulate your SD card, as well as install applications from your SD card. Check out our review here.

To install ASTRO, click here:

9. SmartBar

SmartBar is a tool that allows Android users to batch install/uninstall and backup their applications. For more information, head to the AppBrain page by clicking the widget above.

To install SmartBar, click this link:

8. LauncherPro

LauncherPro is a application launcher replacement app for your phone.

To install LauncherPro, click this link:

7. PayPal

PayPal is the official application that allows you to manage your PayPal account and send and receive payments right from your phone. Check out what’s new in version 2.0.

To install PayPal, click this link:

6. Antigen

Antigen is an attack-oriented strategy puzzler game for Android.

To install Antigen, click this link:

5. Spider Man

Spider Man is a game that has players jump from platform to platform, taking the wind and gravity into account as your time your jump.

To install Spider Man, click this link:

4. Gym Babes

Gym Babes is every guys dream app, as it features a choice of two heavy-cleavaged women who walk or run on your screen. I’m sure you can imagine what happens.

To install Gym Babes, click this link:

3. AppBrain App Market

AppBrain is a front for the Android market that allows users to install Android apps to their phone right form their PCs.

To install AppBrain, click this link:

2. Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanner is an application that allows users to scan barcodes and search for price/availability of particular items at many local stores. It also has a QR code reader. It is a must-have for Android.

To install Barcode Scanner, click this link:

And your most installed application for the week of Monday, August 9th is….

1. Talking Tom Cat

Talking Tom Cat is a virtual cat that you can pet, poke, punch, and grab their tail. He also repeats everything you say with a funny cat voice.

To install Talking Tom Cat click this link:

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