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Vlingo sees writing on the wall, reduces price from $10 to FREE

Turns out, it’s very difficult to compete with Google. The latest company to realize this was Vlingo, who saw the writing on the wall immediately after Google announced the update to its Voice Search application which duplicated many of Vlingo’s services without the hefty price tag.

In a move to try to compete with Google’s introduction of Voice Search, Vlingo reduced the price of their application by a whopping $10 to the low, low price of free. Time will tell whether this move is enough to get consumers to try out Vlingo, but Vlingo’s prospects are rather slim as it now has to compete with something that will very likely get baked into all future Google OS releases.

For those who didn’t see our review/giveaway of Vlingo a while ago, Vlingo is a service that allows users to have full voice control over their phones, which was truly awesome because for a long time it was the only application that really did that.

Now that Google is providing the same level of service, will any of you readers stick with Vlingo? As usual, I’d encourage you to at least try Vlingo alongside Google’s voice search and figure out which one better suits your needs/wants. After all, Vlingo is now free to try so the pricetag should no longer get in the way.

Vlingo is available for free on the Android market for versions 2.0 and above.

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