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Dish Network assumes Google TV boxes will be around $300

Google TV is coming this fall in multiple flavors, which will allow customers more choices at several different price points. Sony’s Smart TV sets will require the highest entry point, while the Logitech Revue will be the cheaper option for those who wish to add a set-top box to their existing HDTV. Dish Network is also an exclusive launch partner and plans to offer Google TV service integrated into their boxes for a monthly fee.

Most of the exact pricing details remain a mystery, but a new survey sent out to Dish Network customers assumes that Google TV boxes could debut around $300. Logitech is the exclusive box maker for the Google TV launch, so that $300 price point is likely pointing towards their Revue.

As for Dish Network, their box could sell for $199-229 upfront with a monthly free of $1-5. Dish also claims their Google TV service will have exclusive features like advanced integration with the TV guide, DVR, and on-demand programming. There were also survey questions related to Google TV boxes with Blu-ray players, so that might be another option for Dish Network customers.

Most of Google’s plans for their TV strategy still remain a mystery (Google Me, Google Games, Google Music, etc.), but considering what we know so far I think $300 is a fair price for a set-top box that brings the full power of internet to your TV. Adobe and Logitech see Google TV as an emerging gaming platform and Intel’s CE4100 processor should offer graphics performance comparable to (or better than) a PS2 and Xbox.

What do you think is a fair price for a Google TV box?

Source: Android Guys

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