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Easiest way to backup, flash and restore a custom ROM

This video will apply to anyone (Evo 4G, Mytouch Slide, G1, Mytouch 3G, Droid X, Droid Incredible, Droid 2, etc.) with a rooted phone. I made this video in hopes that people will better understand their phone and have full control of some of the basics that involve flashing a custom ROM. I know, it can seem a little intimidating at first but there’s really nothing to be afraid of especially when you fully grasp backing up and restoring ROMs.

With that, I hope to empower everyone and give them even more control of their phone and know that the Android modding life can be a happy safe one.

Follow the dev and buy the PAID version of ROM Manager in the Market! @koush. If you ever need anything you can always find me on Twitter: @gamercore

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