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Leaked Verizon screenshots show Droid Pro, Droid 2 World Edition and Motorola “Tablet”

We reported on the leaked Verizon 2010-2011 roadmap last week and some newly leaked internal screenshots from Verizon posted by BGR confirm some of that information while also offering up details on a previously unmentioned Droid 2 World Edition.

We’ll kick it off with that Droid 2 World Edition (A956) which will be the mirror image of the newly launched Droid 2, but now carrying a GSM radio alongside the CDMA to allow for global roaming.  This will help business user adoption as many companies won’t allow their employees to purchase phones that don’t offer global roaming capabilities. Interestingly this device will be offered in either black or white as opposed to the standard Droid 2 which comes in black or R2D2.

Next up is the Droid Pro (A957) which is more of a spiritual successor to the original Droid than the Droid 2. As previously reported the Droid Pro will offer a 1.3 GHz CPU, a 4″ screen, global roaming capabilities and should be launching in November just like the original Droid.

Last up is a device identified as the “MZ600 Tablet.” Now we would love to believe that this is the 10″ Motorola tablet that we have been hearing about for awhile now, but unfortunately Motorola has often used “tablet” to simply indicate their full touchscreen phones. Last week’s leak revealed that a “slab form-factor” device resembling the old Moto Q (sans keyboard) is coming before years end that may also feature global roaming so it is equally possible that this is that device.Verizon internal screenshot for mz600Has anyone been holding out for global roaming capabilities on a Verizon Android phone or is that just a little icing on the cake?

Source: BGR

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