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Motorola Charm debuts on T-Mobile August 25th for $75

Update: Motorola has announced the T-Mobile Charm will be priced at $74.99 with 2-year contract via Facebook.

The T-Mobile Motorola Charm finally has a release date of August 25th, but all we know about the price is that it will be “affordable”. T-Mobile tweeted the new information today, so hopefully the remaining details will be released soon. This slate style phone with compact QWERTY keyboard will pack quite a punch, but we have long heard it would be offered on the cheap.

Several leaks have placed the phone anywhere from FREE to $79 to $189 with 2-year contract and in the neighborhood of $300 at full price. I honestly think the $189 price is justified given the performance and styling of the device, but T-Mobile could really make a splash if they priced it under $99. The QWERTY keyboard and friendly design will attract that tween/family crowd that likes to message and doesn’t need a top of the line smartphone.

I have heard nothing to actually confirm this, but I have a feeling that some tiered data plans will debut later this year on T-Mobile. It’s nice to have a lower priced option (like the $15 AT&T data plan) for users who consume less data and T-Mobile is doing everything they can to retain customers from jumping to other carriers. T-Mobile will also debut their first HSPA+ handset next month which offers a premium data experience, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see some new plans revealed at that time.

Canadian carrier TELUS also just launched the Motorola Charm for $29 with 3-year contract, so that gives you the idea of possible T-Mobile pricing. Check out the hands-on video below to get a preview of what to expect when this device finally hits the U.S.

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