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Motorola will not update leaked Android 2.2 DROID X users to official build

If you missed it, there’s been a leaked Android 2.2 build for the Motorola DROID X floating around for a few days now.  But before you try flashing the latest Android build to your precious phone, Motorola wants you to know that they will not be offering any support for those who update their handset to the leaked build.  While this stance does not sound too extreme, it’s a far cry from the approach that HTC took when EVO 4G users started flashing a leaked Android 2.2 build to their handsets.  We’re not saying that one approach is better than the other, we just wanted you to know what you’re getting yourself into before you find yourself at the end of a dead-end road.

WARNING: Do NOT load the leaked 2.2 upgrade that has been floating around on the Internets. There is currently no upgrade path from that load to the official 2.2 load that will be released by early September. Unless you have some plan to flash your phone back to the current official load, you could be stuck on the leaked version. Motorola Support

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Source: Motorola Support

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