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Beejive IM for Android now available for a whopping $10

Beejive IM for Android is an instant messaging application that allows you to manage all of your IM accounts in an integrated buddy list. Beejive has been in beta for a few months now, and from my limited beta testing experience, Beejive is a fantastic application that under ideal conditions would easily become the multi-account IM application I would recommend you all download immediately.

All that changed today when I learned that Beejive IM was coming out of beta and launching on the Android market for the premium price of $10. Now don’t get me wrong: Beejive is good, but it’s NOT $10 good. Yes, this is what they charge for their iOS and Blackberry equivalents so I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised at the price, but with several high-quality free competitors out there, I think Beejive is going to be hard-pressed to find many people who are going to fork over $10 for a premium instant messaging application. I’d be willing to shell out about $2-3 for Beejive, but will happily settle for an Trillian, eBuddy, or meebo instead.

But I’m just one person. I want to know what you readers think. Are you going to fork out the $10 for the high-quality Beejive IM application, or are there enough free alternatives to satisfy your instant messaging needs? Sound off in the comments!

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