Sep 21 AT 9:04 PM Anthony Domanico 16 Comments

Twitter for Android updated to 1.04 bringing some UI tweaks

It seems the Twitter for Android application has gotten an update to version 1.04 in the Android market. Nothing official from the Twitter folks about exactly what’s included in the updated application, but I’ll try to walk through what I notice in the first few passes at the update.

Most noticeably, the bird and cloud animation on the main screen is gone, replaced by two new menu selection buttons: you can now view trends and search Twitter right from the main screen. Still on the main screen, the icons look like they’ve been re-done to make them neater and a bit crisper.

These UI changes on the main screen seem to be the only true changes to the application, but I’m sure there are also some bugfixes and behind the scenes enhancements built into there as well. Hopefully soon we will have official word from the Twitter team.  We will, of course, keep you posted as soon as we learn more.  For now, enjoy the screenshot of the changes below.

Otherwise, head on over to the market and update your official Twitter client!

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