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First Impressions: Angry Birds Lite Beta hits Android market

UPDATE 2: Seems it might work on all devices 1.6+ as Rovio promised. There were just some market installation glitches.

UPDATE: It seems Angry Birds only works on the market for Android 2.2.

Earlier this morning, Rovio Mobile released  their highly-anticipated Angry Birds Lite Beta onto the Android Market. Angry Birds was initially released on the iPhone in December of 2009, and quickly became one of the most popular games in the Apple App Store.

For those who haven’t heard of Angry Birds, the game puts you as a flock of birds trying desperately to get back your eggs that were stolen by a group of no-good pigs. Each level has the pigs hiding in various structures, and you have to slingshot your aviary-bretheren as weapons to try to knock down the pig structures. Gamers unlock new levels by making sure that either every pig is either directly hit, or by knocking down the structures that house them.


The Gameplay is simple and addictive. Simply draw your finger backwards on the screen and adjust your trajectory upward or downward, and let that birdie fly to knock out those thieving pigs.

Game Depth

Though the beta only has twenty levels, it looks like the final version will have hundreds of different levels, which should amount to hours and hours of fun. Now, this is just speculation based on the beta release, but we will provide all the information in our full review once Angry Birds hits the market for real.

Overall Impressions

I only played Angry Birds for about 15 minutes, but had to practically tear myself away in order to write this mini-review. I think we can safely say that once Angry Birds is released, it is going to be one of the top games on the Android platform.

If you haven’t yet tried out the Angry Birds Lite Beta (which we couldn’t blame you considering it’s only been out for an hour or so), we highly encourage you to head over to the market to try it out for yourself!


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