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A closer look at the new Powermat receivers for Android phones

Last week we briefly covered the new Powermat receivers coming to the HTC EVO, but we didn’t have all the details correct. Thankfully someone from Powermat was paying attention and they sent over an update along with a few pics of the new slim receivers.

The wireless internal batteries that we saw at CES 2010 are not coming to Android phones. Instead, Powermat is moving forward with a better solution in the form of a custom battery door that is “so slim and sleek that most find it hard to believe wireless charging is integrated”.

Powermat claims this new solution is superior because they went from a two-step process (replacing original battery and door) to a one-step process of just swapping out the original back door. This means that the extra bulk of the first-generation receivers has been eliminated, but as you can see in the pictures there is still an odd shaped notch sticking out the bottom of the battery door.

It is nice to hear that Powermat was able to slim down the receivers, but part of me still wishes they had stuck with their own internal batteries that had the wireless technology already integrated. It might cost a little more to replace the original battery, but I would be willing to pay that extra fee if I knew my all my existing cases and accessories would still fit snugly.

We should be getting a couple review units of the EVO receivers over the coming weeks, so we will let you guys know how they perform and if they get in the way of our existing cases.

Besides the EVO, what other Android phones would you like to see Powermat target? Do you like the new slim and sleek receivers or would you rather pay extra and have this wireless charging technology built into your battery?

Powermat EVO EVO - 3 EVO - 2

Via: Powermat

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