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Android Hacks: Hands-on the new HTC Sense UI ROM

HTC is completely revamping their Sense UI and taking it to a whole new level. What started out as a merely a skin on top of Android is now turning into a whole new level of service with all of your phone’s media, texts and data being backed up to their soon to be released

I’ve always been a fan of Sense since day 1 and it was the reason I went through with rooting my G1 in the first place. I know there has always been a lot of criticisms when it comes to Sense and it definitely isn’t without its naysayers. Whether you are a “Sense Hater” or not, I think HTC has been proving themselves in not only firmware updates but by continuing to enhance the user experience.

Out of all other companies, I feel like HTC is listening. Now, with the addition of themes, super-quick 2 second boot time and the new, I think Sense is better than ever and definitely pushing the Android OS further.

In this video I’m using a port of the Desire HD ROM that was given to us from @IncredibleDoes on Twitter and XDA. Although buggy, I’m using the ROM to give people a taste of what to expect from HTC Sense in the coming months. I cannot wait until we see this official update from HTC!

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