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Hackers bring 3-second HTC Fast Boot to the Droid Incredible

When HTC introduced the new Desire HD and Desire Z last week in the UK, one of the most overlooked features was the new Fast Boot mode that enables people to quickly make a call or check emails by shortening the time taken to complete the power-up sequence.

Android fans normally wait a minute or two for their device to fully boot up, but HTC’s Fast Boot allows devices to load in about three seconds.

At first I thought this new feature was thanks to the second-generation Snapdragon being used, but apparently it was all software. Hackers have ported the new Sense UI ROM from Desire HD to the older Droid Incredible and were able to bring Fast Boot along for the ride.

My friend Kellen from Droid-life flashed the ROM on his Incredible to show Fast Boot in action and it’s pretty amazing this was achieved on an older device. Apparently it doesn’t power the phone completely off, but it places it to some kind of sleep mode which allows the quick boot up times.

Hopefully we will see HTC roll this feature out to more Android phones with future software updates.

The ROM is still pretty buggy, but if you want to give it a shot then hit up the source link for the download.

Via: Droid-life

Source: XDA-developers

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