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LG to hold online press event for Optimus Series, maybe the Pad

Optimus Inivte

Could we see the Optimus Pad next week?

LG just dropped us a line to announce they will be holding a digital press conference on Sept. 14th to deliver their smartphone business strategy and introduce their latest smartphones. If you are willing to stay up late (or wake up really early), we will be posting updates when the event goes live at 4 AM EST.

It looks like we should get the full details on two mid-range Android phones, the LG Optimus One and LG Optimus Chic, but an invitation from LG also showed a picture that looks like the Optimus Pad we have seen before.

We will be allowed to submit questions to LG executives directly following the presentation, so get your questions in now and we might get an answer for you.

If we are lucky, maybe LG will spill the beans on their Tegra 2 smartphones that were announced earlier in the week. LG claims they will ship the first dual-core phone in Q4 and we are eager to get at least a glimpse of it.

Last week at IFA I stopped by the LG booth and found the Optimus One and Optimus Chic on display. Both were behind closed glass, but I filmed a quick 360 video to show you what LG is working on.

What questions do you have for LG?

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