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Samsung Continuum for Verizon has two screens and is all Bing’d out

The Samsung Continuum hit the radar last month as part of the big Verizon roadmap leak last month, but other than a tentative October release date no information was available on the device until now.

A pair of separate leaks to Engadget and The Droid Guy have given us a few new pieces of useful information about this apparently soon to launch addition to Samsung’s device portfolio.

As you will see in one of the images below the Continuum will also be under the Galaxy S brand, which is a bit surprising as it is a definite departure from the rest of the those devices. The most striking new feature is the second OLED screen which is found directly below the capacitive buttons. According to the Engadget tipster this screen is referred to as the “Ticker” and it will display notifications, RSS feeds, weather, the time and will power on as soon as you hold the bottom of the phone.

This is also another phone which will be receiving the Scarlet “B” from Verizon, as you will see in the image of The Droid Guy, the Continuum is all Bing all the time just like its sibling the Fascinate. Verizon has stated that once Froyo makes its way to the Fascinate you will be able to opt for Google search, but we’ll have to wait and see on that and of course there is no guarantee that the Continuum will get the same treatment.

Not many other details are known at this point other than it is running Android 2.1 and has a camera button and a microSD slot which is accessible without removing the battery.

What do you guys think of the secondary screen as a concept and can you think of any cool use cases for it?

Via: The Droid Guy

Source: Engadget

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